Bigger pictures for my Wicked Game nails! More info: here!

What a wicked game to play to make me feel this way

- Chris Isaak, Wicked Game (but in my head it’s the Gemma Hayes version!)

I’m still sick. :( So, there will be no nail art today, just a topper over polish. And it will be a short post, as I’m re-heating some chicken soup, as we speak. Well, as I speak. Priorities, people! ;P

Lena and Cyw want grey polishes for “Lacke in Farbe… und bunt!" this week and grey they shall have. But mine’s a bit bit duo-/multichrome, only grey in certain angles and a photographic nightmare. Interesting, hm?

Swatches and review of Deborah Lippmann Wicked Game after the cut!


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Bigger pictures for my Coral Bird design! More info here!

Diego-poo! Hey, I made you another coral necklace. He keeps losing them. Hee-hee!

- Ice Age: Continental Drift

Greetings from the cave of sneeze and snot! I’m writing this while buried under heaps of blankets and tissues. Yes, I have a really bad cold… I had these pictures prepared and then, boom, Wednesday morning everything sucked and I didn’t even think about starting the computer.

So, I’m late again, sorry.

I know that I had a lot to say about these two coral polishes and you’d think my snot addled brain might remember them… yeah, nope! That’s not happening today. Don’t expect to many details, I just want to get this out now.

Here are my two coral polishes for “Lacke in Farbe… und bunt!" and a bird design for Cyw’s themed month!

More under the cut. Beware: picture heavy!


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Bigger pictures for my Light Green With Dots design! More info: here!

Difficult colour, green.

- Gosford Park

Here is my very late and short entry for light green with “Lacke in Farbe… und bunt!" Holidays are really great but they do throw off timing just a bit. I’ll be on track again for this Wednesday.

Swatches of Artdeco 880 and some quick nail art after the cut!


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Bigger pictures for my Brown design!

More info will be added tomorrow! I just got back from a holiday without regular internet access and am way too tired to type up my review just now. Just trying to make the “Lacke in Farbe… und bunt!" deadline! ;)

The polish is Makeup Factory Claret Red.

Bigger pictures for my Pink SpaRitual design! More info: here!

Can’t think of a light pink quote…

- Me, this week

After not really liking the colour choices of the last two weeks for “Lacke in Farbe… und bunt!" (although, my black polish was brilliant), I can really live with this week’s colour: a light baby pink.

You know pink but the pastel kind. And I know, I’ve said that I don’t like pastels many times and am really bad at applying creme ones but I just like pink! Plus, I had several polishes to choose from in my stash.

My nail art design was directly taken from The Nail Polish Challenge’s designs as one of her pictures was on my dash just as my pink base was drying on my nails and I had always wanted to try it out before, anyway.

Swatches of SpaRitual Reveal Yourself and some quick and easy nail art under the cut!


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Bigger and better pictures for my Black Knight design! More info: here!